Lucinda Lidstone MA

ASC Clinic Director
Senior Clinical Psychotherapist

Lucinda began her early career working with adults in NHS Primary care with brief cognitive intervention and later moved to a more clinical setting in Private Mental Health on inpatient wards and in an outpatient day hospital. Here she supported both Adults and Adolescents in Crisis with severe presentations such as Eating Disorders and Hearing Voices, providing both individual and group therapy.

Lucinda has also been in private practice for a number of years; concerned about a lack of provision for adolescents she founded ASC to support young people and their families in the South Essex area. Lucinda values research and new ideas and encourages talking and thinking about mental health & emotional wellbeing through the ASC monthly Podcast ‘ASCit’. She has developed a further service for adults who wish to explore their spirituality and expand personal awareness and consciousness.

Lesley Burrows

ASC Supervisory Consultant
Senior Psychotherapist & Relationship Specialist

Lesley began her original therapeutic work in Domestic Violence with women and children. This experience informed further focus on trauma, attachment, relational wounds and shame. Lesley went onto work in a clinical setting within the NHS, as part of the Systemic Family Therapy Team with Secondary Care Patients. Lesley currently remains in private practice specialising with individuals in Couples Therapy and Supervision. She continues to work in partnership with ASC supporting families in a therapy setting and providing Consultation and Supervision.

Vicky Neagan

Senior Psychotherapist & Hatha Yoga Teacher

Vicky has many years experience within mental health; working with NHS primary care patients and within the leading mental health charity MIND. She currently supports students at Palmer’s College in Grays. Vicky is an appointed safe guarding officer and develops crisis intervention for suicide and other trauma related events. Vicky helps families to address their challenges with a Systemic approach to Family Therapy. As a Hatha Yoga Teacher Vicky encourages the connecting of mind and body helping to bring balance between the rational and intuitive thinking, logic and creativity, action and passiveness.

Lynn Lynne

Senior Psychotherapist
Supervisor & Trainer

Lynn has had an extensive career in education, having taught for over 30 years in a secondary school up to ‘A’ level. Prior to leaving teaching Lynn began training as a Psychotherapist and has now been qualified for over 13 years. Since 2009 Lynn has been a fully Accredited counsellor and is now an Accredited Supervisor of individual Counsellors registered with BACP. Lynn provides workshops and guidance for therapists applying for individual accreditation.

Lynn has worked within Domestic Abuse for 10 years, including as a Supervisor; she has also provided Counselling in local Secondary Schools. Lynn oversees the learning criteria and academic marking of the ASC training programme and has developed bespoke CPD for therapists both within the Domestic Abuse charity and also independently.