After a ten-year hiatus from counselling, I wanted to attend a course which would act as a refresher and bring me up to speed with current thinking in the psychotherapy field.
This course ticked those boxes. The subject matter covered a diverse range of topics, some traditional, others a little more esoteric.
The academic demands were challenging for me, but the support provided by the tutors helped me to complete the weekly journals, a research proposal, and my final research study.
This course was exciting, challenging, rewarding and, above all, life-changing. My personal life and therapeutic practice have been altered forever and I have a much clearer idea of the direction I want to journey as a counsellor.
If you have an open, creative and inquisitive mind, and you wish to join an expedition into the field psychotherapy, this diploma is for you. Be brave!

Not only did I find the content of this course stimulating, but the personal journey I went on while studying here was significant. I can clearly see the positive impact this has had on my practice and my increased confidence was also noticed and reflected back to me in my clinical supervision.
At times the work was challenging and required a big commitment, but any difficulties that came up were given the space to be explored and always felt contained. As a result of the continued hard work of everyone in my cohort I feel like I have grown as a therapist.
If you feel like you want more from your training, you won’t be disappointed.

Clear explanations: useful discussions. Very relevant to my experiences.

Very well informed delivery, fantastic Q&A opportunities.

Excellent trainer, highly knowledgeable and very capable to deal with all questions.

Good examples and experiences from trainers.

After discussions with the presenters, I will be able to role some of this out in tutorial. This will be great for our students. Thank you!

The tutors demonstrated a clear understanding of their discipline and were incredibly insightful.

I felt the course was very useful. Thank you for the information and discussion you provided.

Very dynamic presentation. Interesting and informative.

Absolutely engaging, so glad I gave up my Saturday for this session.

Very informative and encouraging. Lots of strategies which I can apply in my setting.

Well presented, excellent speaker clearly knowledgeable. Really interesting.