The ethos at the heart of ASC training is the core element of developing self awareness and personal growth and as such our courses combine theoretical knowledge with deeply experiential exercises.

In this way greater awareness is developed through exploration of the transpersonal and existential aspects of human nature.

Transpersonal Psychology is a full spectrum psychology that encompasses all of the continuum of human experience and behaviour ranging from severe dysfunction, mental and emotional illness through to healthy behaviour and then expands beyond this by the serious study of the transcendent dimensions of human experience, for example: exceptional human functioning, the nature and meaning of deeply religious and / or mystical experiences, non-ordinary states of consciousness and the fulfilment of our highest potentials as human beings.

A robust sense of self is necessary to undertake this work therefore we suggest that students engage in their own personal therapy whilst attending the course.

1 year part time (120 hrs)

This course is for those who have already completed training equivalent to level 3 & 4 and in many cases will complete the 450 hours of study needed to work toward accreditation.

Course content is primarily experiential and divided into 2 sections:

Part 1

Experiential & Self Growth (TOTAL 30 weeks)

Weekly Journal (800 – 1500 words)

  • Creative Interventions – getting out of our chairs, taking risks within safe boundaries, venturing outside, artwork, sand-tray, balancing being present with creative intervention, movement
  • Dream Work- accessing the unconscious, dream symbology, meaning making, interpretation, lucid & precognitive dreams, visualisation, the waking dream
  • The Saboteur – what gets in the way of recovery? Meeting the saboteur, saboteur as shadow, saboteur as guide
  • Body work- releasing trauma from the body, reiki / energy medicine, breath & sound, metaphor & abstract exploration, feedback & interpretation from the body, ideas about dissociation
  • Deepening relationship & other ways of ‘knowing’, intuition, inspiration, felt sense
  • Mindfulness & Yoga – increasing awareness of self & being here now
  • Consciousness & emerging neuroscience – how do our fundamental beliefs and perspectives inform and/or impede our work, exploring unfamiliar territories and ‘anomalous phenomena’, ‘mind’ vs brain, employing mind to change behaviour

Part 2

Research & Development (total 10 weeks)

Dissertation 5000 words (OR 3000 + Practical or Presentation)

• Contributing to the field – why is this important? Ways of contributing

• Qualitative research; explanation, ethics, research questions, literature review, gathering data, analysis & presentation, conclusions – 6 weeks

Term 1

Beginnings & creating the container – 1 week

Creative intervention 4 weeks

  • getting out of our chairs, taking risks within safe boundaries, venturing outside
  • artwork & sand-tray
  • balancing being present with creative intervention
  • the value of physical movement

Dream work 4 weeks

  • Jung vs contemporary theorists & accessing the unconscious
  • dream symbology, meaning making & interpretation
  • lucid & precognitive dreams
  • using dreams in healing; visualisation & the waking dream

Research part 1 3 weeks

  • adding to the field through qualitative research
  • ethics
  • the literature review and defining your research question

Term 2

Resistance 4 weeks

  • resistance – what gets in the way of recovery?
  • meeting the saboteur
  • saboteur as shadow
  • saboteur as guide

Trauma & Body work – releasing trauma from the body 4 weeks

  • reiki / energy medicine; feedback from the body
  • breath & sound
  • metaphor & abstract exploration
  • ideas about dissociation

Research part 2 – 3 weeks

  • discussing your research questions, participants & ethical issues
  • your abstract, gathering the data & data analysis
  • presentation, theories & conclusion

Deepening relationship 2 weeks

  • other ways of knowing
  • intuition & anomalous phenomena in the therapy room

Term 3

Deepening relationship – 2 weeks LB – 2 weeks

  • power dynamics in relationship
  • working with the right-use of power

Mindfulness 2 weeks

  • focused attention
  • yoga & movement

Research part 3 2 weeks

  • 1:1 tutorials
  • group tutorial & supervision

Consciousness 4 weeks

  • the impact of personal belief & perspectives on meaning making, analysis and experience
  • contemporary views
  • mind vs brain
  • the possibility of change

Research part 4 2 weeks

  • final tutorials
  • presenting your work

Transformation & Ending 3 weeks

  • reflecting & feedback
  • where are you now?
  • what’s next?