The ASC Clinic has been established for over 8 years. Each year the clinic provides two placements for practitioners in training, from a variety of courses and educational centres. Our placements have proved to be highly sought after due to the care, support, structure and learning opportunities that we provide for those in training.

When interviewing prospective trainees we noticed that though qualification levels were equivalent, the course content and tutoring structure differed greatly in quality and depth.

We felt that we would like to make our own contribution to the field by designing courses that promoted and upheld the values and qualities that we believe in:

To alleviate suffering
To foster compassion and do no harm
Develop Personal Awareness
To ensure conscientious practice
To maintain humility & Integrity

The ASC College

Our Courses take you from an introduction to basic counselling skills, through to working at depth in Psychotherapy (equivalent of Foundation – Level 5). At each level course content meets with the recommendations of CPCAB (Counselling & Psychotherapy Central Awarding Body) and can therefore lead towards accreditation.

Basic Counselling skills can be applied in any employment position to enhance communication and team work. The Advanced Diploma (Level 4) provides you with a qualified status to practice and Level 5 (minimum 450 training hours) enables you to apply for BACP accredited status

Theoretical Model

ASC promotes a holistic view of the human being through 5 areas of experience;

Physiological – body
Psychological – mind
Behavioural – action
Emotional – feeling
Spiritual – awareness

As such all courses are integrative, meaning that learning will cover a variety of theoretical approaches to allow for the richness and diversity of human experience and expression.

Course content ranges from the traditional to the innovative – exploring material and research from the cutting edge of neurological diversity and consciousness studies; equally balancing the cognitive (intellect/head) with the felt sense (heart) and the phenomenological (experience).


The ASC College aims to develop your skills to a high standard which maintains the continued integrity of the profession and assures your calibre as a professionally qualified practitioner.

Our training is significantly rigorous to ensure this, however we also recognise that academic ability does not necessarily guarantee practitioner ability; for this reason our courses provide ample scope for experiential learning that will facilitate the growth of your innate qualities alongside fundamental theoretical framework assessments.

Methods of assessment may include some or all of the following, dependent upon level;

Practical Experiential • Discussion
Process Journal Case study•
Essay Supervision •

Courses are accessible by being part-time and held on evenings and weekends.


All our tutors have a minimum of 5 years post graduate clinical practice and bring a diverse range of knowledge and experience from varying backgrounds including; Education, NHS, Clinical MH Services, Acute & Crisis Care, Charities and Offender Institutions.

Courses are taught by more than one tutor to demonstrate different styles and perspectives. Our tutors will work with your unique strengths and learning style as far as is possible and give clear feedback at all stages of your learning. Feedback will be designed to build self esteem and confidence in your practice.

All tutors are accredited with either UKCP or BACP to ensure ethical standards and safeguarding responsibilities are upheld.